A DOG walker has been taken to court and fined for letting her pet off the lead in Orford Park.

Christine Magee, aged 62, from Orford, was found guilty at Warrington Magistrates Court of ignoring dog control orders in the park that state dogs must be kept on leads.

She failed to appear at court on Tuesday last week, and was fined £100 in her absence.

Magee will also pay £100 legal costs and a £20 victim surcharge.

Warrington Borough Council is calling on residents to take heed of control orders when walking pets.

LiveWire, which manages the park, has been enforcing the order since July last year.

A penalty notice of £75 will be issued to dog walkers not using a lead, with further court action possible for those who ignore it.

Clr David Keane, the council’s executive board member for environment and public protection, said: “Dog owners have a responsibility to comply with the control order on Orford Park and keep their dogs on leads unless they are in the designated free running area.

“We want to ensure residents feel safe and comfortable visiting their local park and so action will be taken to anyone caught breaking this law.”

Keith Maddock, LiveWire’s head of neighbourhoods and wellbeing, said: “LiveWire continues to support Warrington Borough Council in enforcing the dog control orders in place on Orford Park. We are committed to ensuring that all park users have a pleasant and safe experience.”

Anyone found guilty of breaching a dog control order may be liable to a maximum fine in court of £1,000, the council added.