UKIP aims to stand in every ward in Warrington in the next local elections and the party is on the right tracks for a victory in four out of the 19 seats, said the head of UKIP in Warrington.

James Ashington, from Lymm, who will stand in Warrington South at the next General Election said the growing support from voters has put the party in a confident position to win seats from the Labour-led council.

The party saw a surge in the number of elected councillors across the UK, winning 153 council seats in the local elections last year.

It has never won a seat in Warrington.

Geoff Siddall, who will stand in the May elections, said: “UKIP are the new guys on the political landscape of Warrington. The party is gaining strength as the British people wake up to what’s really going on in the country.”

Last year, national party membership and support for UKIP grew to approximately 32,500, which is an increase of 13,000.

Mr Siddall said support for UKIP was on the increase in Warrington and that these numbers are destined to grow over the coming years.

He also rubbished claims that UKIP was a racist party and said that people would be scrutinised properly.

“Some people were getting in contact for the wrong reasons but we don’t put up with people coming into the party with a different agenda,” he added.

UKIP will also not have a party whip, which allow councillors to prioritise their residents’ interests rather than their party’s, said Mr Siddall.

He added: “We want to represent the views of the people. We are individuals.”

UKIP member Andrew Fairfoull added: “We are trying to bring a new kind of politics to Warrington. We want people to be able to trust politicians again.

“It’s about giving people another option and an alternative chance to vote.”

Mr Ashington was also questioned about a comment made by UKIP councillor David Silvester from Henley-on-Thames where he blamed recent storms and flooding on the Government’s decision to legalise gay marriage but he refused to comment on the matter.

Thirteen out of the 19 UKIP candidates for the election have been announced with the remaining to be revealed in the coming weeks.

Details on where the candidates will be standing will also be published within the next month.

Andrew Fairfoull, from Winwick, aged 58 Beverley Fairfoull, from Winwick, aged 61 David Bennett, from Fearnhead, aged 67 Derek Clark, from Lymm Ged Hall, from Latchford, aged 72 Geoff Siddall, from Birchwood, aged 54, Ian Richards, from Orford, James Ashington, from Lymm, aged 76 Michael Johnson, from Padgate, aged 41 Phil Henshaw, from Callands Richard Vaughan, from Callands Sidney Simmonds, from Latchford Tony Briggs, from Appleton, aged 55