LEGAL action is being taken by Warrington Borough Council against the company who built a wall of tyres near to the Kingsway Bridge.

Council officers issued a deadline for the removal of the ‘eyesore’ by January 17 but the heap of tyres has yet to be taken down.

Residents were left outraged by the ‘unsightly stack’ that was constructed without planning permission.

Clr Kevin Bennett (Fairfield and Howley - LAB) said: “It was shock to see the monstrosity shoot up overnight. I do not know how he thinks he will get away with it and he won’t.”

A spokesman said: “The council considers that the tyres cause material harm to the amenity and condition of the land, therefore, legal action will be taken including the serving of an enforcement notice.

“Officers are also investigating the erection of unauthorised advertisements on the site, and the council may also take separate enforcement action in respect of any unauthorised advertisements on the site.

“The council treats any such unauthorised developments very seriously and the public can be reassured that we will do what we can within the laws available to us, taking formal action through the courts if necessary, to resolve this type of situation.”

Clr Tony Higgins (Fairfield and Howley - LAB) said it was a pity that the council had been forced take legal proceedings but the owner of the land left the council no choice.

Clr Higgins added: “The tyres are blighting the area. The message from the public is clear - they do not want it.

“These people live here and see it day in day out. The owner should be listening to what the people want.

“The best way to resolve this matter would be for the owner of the land to take the tyres down. He is not doing himself any favours.”

Mayor of Warrington, Clr Peter Carey said the tyres were a ‘public nuisance and safety hazard’.

He added: “This is the right course of action as the owner have refused to take notice of the council and the public outcry.”