AN underwater police team is searching the Mersey at Bridge Foot for evidence after a female officer broke her leg stopping two men wanted for burglary.

Police say the team is searching for keys to a stolen car abandoned at the industrial estate next to the river.

Two men were seen leaving the red Audi A3 at 2.55pm today, Monday, with one then throwing an object into the water, believed to be car keys.

The car was stolen during a burglary in Frodsham in the early hours of this morning and driven to Warrington.

Police picked up the suspects, aged in their early 20s, on CCTV and gave pursuit.

The female officer suffered a fractured leg when tripping one of the men up.

Officers had tried to block their escape using a squad car.

Both men are being questioned.

Anyone with information can call police on 101 quoting incident number 512 of January 27.