MEET the fat cat who is facing two challenges in 2014.

Overweight moggy Alanna was handed into the Cats Protection's Warrington adoption centre in early January after her previous owner died.

But while in good condition, the portly puss is 50 per cent heavier than she should be and is now hoping to beat the bulge and find a new home over the coming months.

Sonia Sowcroft, north west adoption centre manager, said: “Alanna is a really lovely cat - friendly, playful and a lot of fun but she is rather tubby and certainly needs to shift a few pounds.

“A new owner will need to be firm and make sure she is not being overfed.

“Overweight cats are at a significantly higher risk of developing diabetes or arthritis and as it is impossible to make a cat exercise the key to keeping them in shape is to monitor how much they eat.”

Cats should weigh between 4 to 4.5kg but chubby kitty Alanna has weighed in at 6.5kg.

She is currently on a strict diet to help get in shape while she waits to find a new owner who will need to continue to monitor her calorie intake.

A Cats Protection survey of 1,120 cat owners conducted last Christmas revealed that around a quarter of Britain’s cats were regarded by their owners to be overweight, yet continued to be fed too many treats.

“Owners principally did out of love, habit or a desire to make their cat feel like a member of the family,” explains Maggie Roberts, Cats Protection’s director of veterinary services.

“The survey also shows that it wasn’t uncommon for cats to be given treats such as milk, chocolate or cheese but all of these could make cats quite ill.

“It is advisable for owners to give cats treats that are specially formulated for cats and consider their cat’s total calorific intake.”

Tips for pet owners include sticking to a reputable pet food and use a little boiled fish or boneless chicken as treats.

For more information on adopting cats at the Padgate centre, call 03000 120612.