INDUSTRIAL-GRADE chemicals from Syria’s weapons stockpile will not be dumped at Arpley tip.

Officials confirmed last week 150 tonnes of ‘B Precursor’ chemicals will be destroyed at an incineration facility in Ellesmere Port at the end of February as part of the international mission to destroy Syria’s chemical weapon programme.

Veolia wagons have been regularly spotted heading to the Sankey Bridges landfill site leading to fears residual waste from the chemical’s destruction could eventually be dumped in Warrington.

But a spokesman from the waste company said all materials would be destroyed at Ellesmere Port with no other waste.

A Veolia Environment spokesman said: "We can confirm our commitment to the UK initiative to facilitate the destruction of 150 tonnes of ‘B precursor’ chemicals at Ellesmere Port.

"‘B precursors’ are chemicals used routinely in the pharmaceutical industry in the UK and are similar in nature to standard industrial materials safely processed and transported on UK roads every day.

“It is important to make clear these are industrial-grade chemicals and are not chemical weapons.

"We are committed to the safe transportation and handling of these chemicals in line with our excellent health, safety and operating standards.

"At this stage we are not in a position to confirm the precise routes for transport.

“However, standard Veolia practice is for vehicles to be kept to main arterial transport routes wherever possible."

Proposals to continue dumping rubbish for a further 12 years at Arpley were turned down by councillors last year but an application to extend the life of the tip for a further five years is being heard tomorrow, Thursday.

Permission to continue using the site ran out in October 2013 but councillors said going through with an enforcement notice would have led to a ‘lengthy and costly’ legal battle and it was pulled.

An appeal regarding the 12 year application being turned down is set to be heard in February.

Councillors have urged residents from across the town to make their feelings known by attending the development control meeting at the Parr Hall tomorrow, Thursday at 6.30pm.