A LATCHFORD man who spent two-and-a-half weeks in a coma in intensive care has returned to the ward to thank the staff who saved his life.

Ian Givens presented the department with a cheque for £300 after a fundraiser was held for the Warrington Hospital unit at Pierpoint, Thelwall Lane in Westy.

The 47-year-old first spent time on ICU in 2011 when a chest infection turned into pneumonia before being admitted again in 2012 with severe pneumonia which left him in a coma.

The condition damaged his kidneys which means he is now on dialysis treatment and waiting for a transplant.

The self-employed taxi driver added: “They sorted me out and I can’t thank them enough for everything they did.

“The staff and my family put entries in a diary to tell me what had been going on for when I came round and after physio to get me walking again I’ve gone from strength to strength.

“The doctor told my family the first 12 hours were the most important and if I didn’t pull through that there would be nothing he could do.

“I can’t remember anything and really I don’t want to.

“I got the shakes walking back on to the ward and it brought back bad memories.

“My family said we would sit down and talk about it one day but I have never wanted to.”

Ian added he was keen to thank the staff on the ward for their ‘one-to-one attention’.

He said: “They were absolutely fantastic and couldn’t do enough for you.

“They were invaluable during my time on that ward.”