NEEDY pensioners are getting food parcels sent to their homes following an idea started by an Orford mum on Facebook.

Jane Horabin, aged 30, of North Avenue, has organised for more than 100 packages of food to be sent to the most vulnerable elderly in the town.

Warrington Borough Council’s social services has worked with Jane to deliver the parcels to pensioners deemed most at risk.

She started the campaign after creating Facebook page ‘help the elderly in Warrington’ to appeal for food donations.

The mum-of-four said: “It has been a huge success and I was amazed by the response.

“Everyone has given lots of great feedback on Facebook, and you only need to look at the pictures of the elderly who received the food and see their faces.”

Jane, who works for 02 in Preston Brook, is continuing the appeal until at least the end of February.

It started in the run up to Christmas with other residents on the social network willing to help.

“I’d taken a day off work and thought I’d have some time to relax,” said Jane.

“I saw something on the news to say 200 elderly people will die in the north west with no one to do anything about it.

“I set up the Facebook page and in three days I had 200 members.

“Then I was collecting food donations or they were getting dropped off at my house.

“If people couldn’t drop anything off other residents were volunteering their houses to store the food.”

The enthusiastic response from the town meant there was not much room for presents in Jane’s house over Christmas.

“My lounge, kitchen and bedrooms were filled with food - tins, cereal, coffee,” she said.

“I check everything to make sure food isn’t out of date, and do an inventory so people with allergies know what’s in the parcel.

“Then, it’s taken to where it’s needed.”

To help with the appeal, call Jane on 07872567980, drop off donations at Orford Community Centre on Festival Avenue, or search ‘help the elderly in Warrington’ on Facebook.