AN Orford dad, who was out celebrating his son getting out of jail, has been fined after shouting abuse at police and paramedics and being drunk and disorderly in Warrington Hospital.

Halton Magistrates heard on Thursday Graham Farrington now owes the courts more than £700, currently being deducted from his benefits, after a string of offences.

Police and ambulance were called to Warrington town centre at 11.15pm on December 9 last year after Farrington, of Cabul Close, had been knocked unconscious and found the 46-year-old on the floor.

Richard Sealy, prosecuting, said: “He was heavily intoxicated and after being taken to the hospital in an ambulance used abusive behaviour towards paramedics and was seen staggering about and swearing.”

He had a number of previous convictions including a public order offence in October 2012.

Farrington, who defended himself during the hearing, said: “I didn’t know what I had done until the next day when the police told me in the station.

“I’m very sorry and ashamed of myself.

“I would never normally insult staff.

“I was out celebrating and then had been hit and knocked unconscious.”

Magistrates said Farrington’s behaviour was ‘quite disgraceful’.

He was ordered to pay £100 fine, £85 costs and £20 victim surcharge.

Magistrates added: “That is added to what you already owe which is more than £700.

“You have got to stop this kind of behaviour.”

Dave Robb, Merseyside and Cheshire Area Convener at the North West Ambulance Service Unison branch, added: “It doesn’t sound like this is a man who has got any respect for society or the people out there trying to ensure he doesn’t come to any harm.
“We go into any situation totally impartial and are only there to treat the person that requires our assistance.
“An increase in attacks on frontline staff has seen the prosecution services come down heavily on anyone who assaults emergency staff.
“We’re starting to see results but there’s still a long way to go and of course 98 to 99 per cent of people are good and it’s one of two per cent who hit the headlines for the wrong reasons.”