A BIRCHWOOD woman has admitted running an online racket worth £70,000 selling pirate computer games.

Amanda Rigby, of Gorse Covert, pleaded guilty to 37 offences at Chester Crown Court on December 19.

Warrington Borough Council released details of her crimes today, Monday, following an investigation by its public protection team.

The council said Rigby sold illegal copies of computer games, gaming accessories, shoe charms and mobile phone covers on internet auction sites.

She was sentenced to 200 hours unpaid work, and told to pay back £69,104 made from the dodgy operation.

Rigby will also pay the council’s legal costs of £7,825.

The council said the court heard failure to pay within six months would lead to a term of 18 months in prison.

All counterfeit goods were also confiscated.

Clr David Keane, Warrington Borough Council’s executive member for public protection, “This is a landmark case as it’s the first time the council has used a confiscation order under the Proceeds of Crime Act in this way.

“The warning to anyone considering entering into this kind of criminality is clear: do not sell counterfeit goods, because if you do, when you get caught, the council will ensure that all the profits you have made are seized.”