A DRUG dealer randomly stopped on the motorway near Thelwall when carrying 2kg of pure cocaine has been jailed for seven years.

Chester Crown Court heard on Monday how Elis Hyseni, aged 29, from London, was found to be carrying an Asda carrier bag stuffed with cocaine at 97 per cent purity.

The drugs, in a bag stuffed down the back of the passenger seat of the Mercedes convertible Hyseni was driving, would have had a street value of £738,000.

He claimed to be transporting it to Leeds for a friend in London in return for a £300 fee.

Judge Roger Dutton, jailing Hyseni after he pleaded guilty to possessing a controlled drug of class A with intent, said he must ‘face the music’.

“You were playing a necessary and valuable role in transporting this high value drug from London to the north of England no doubt on behalf of Albanian friends you were involved with in London,” said Judge Dutton.

“Those who participate in the distribution of controlled drugs in this country, particularly if its a class A controlled drug, will be dealt with severely by the courts.

“You took the chance for cash and you have been caught, and you have now got to face the music.”

The court heard Hyseni, an Albanian national, no longer has residency rights in the UK and will be deported to serve the sentence.

He was stopped by police on the M6 northbound carriageway approaching Thelwall Viaduct at 3pm on November 26 last year, after appearing to drive erratically.

The Mercedes convertible was not insured with Hyseni then claiming to go by the name of Alfeo Brunai, providing documents to match that identity.

Officers searched the car after looking through a window and spotting the carrier bag, and Hyseni was arrested.

The court heard the defendant moved to England after going bankrupt in Albania when his restaurant business collapsed.

He ‘fell in’ with the Albanian community in London and agreed to act as courier.