LYMM artist Colin Grimes has launched a new exhibition at Warrington Museum and Art Gallery, which will take you on an unusual journey around the place where he lives.

The former Lymm High School art teacher has created a series of paintings which look beyond the reflections on Lymm’s shop windows.

The paintings reflect and celebrate the life of the village and are influenced by an exhibition of Canaletto’s paintings of Venice at the Queen’s Gallery in London.

The gallery transports you on a virtual trip down the Grand Canal, and Colin hopes to be able to do the same in his new exhibition.

The 65-year-old, who retired from teaching ten years ago, said: “The major theme underlying my paintings is reflected images.

“I am fascinated by the complex overlapping images that are created when we look at a subject through a glass window.”

Colin, who also taught at St Gregory’s High School for five years, also showcases a parallel series of paintings, reflecting life in other countries where people are using public transport.

Being given the opportunity to present his work at the Warrington Museum and Art Gallery was an exciting prospect for the artist, who previously exhibited his art works across the world.

He added: “I was an art teacher for 40 years and, at a time when the arts appear to be under threat within the curriculum, it’s refreshing to see that they are still valued and promoted successfully within the community.

The exhibition will be on display until February 22.