A NEW campaign has been launched to help families make a healthy swap to cut down on sugars and fats from their diets in a bid to combat childhood obesity.

Change4Life’s TV advertising campaign will focus on swapping sugary drinks to diet, sugar free or milk.

It is also urging people to swap dairy products such as whole milk to semi-skimmed or skimmed.

The Smart Swaps campaign has been launched after the latest data, from the National Child Measurement Programme, shows that more than a third of children aged between 10 and 11 in Cheshire and Merseyside are overweight.

Professor Kevin Fenton, director for health and wellbeing for Public Health England, said more needs to be done to cut out unhealthy foods.

Mr Fenton added: “Swapping like-for-like food in your diet could help you cut out surprising levels of fat, sugar and ultimately calories.

“We’re committed to doing as much as possible to support families to make these swaps.”

Other healthy swaps include swapping cheese for reduced fat alternatives and sugary cereal to plain whole wheat cereal biscuits or plain shredded whole grain or plain porridge.

The Change4Life road show will be travelling around the country with helpful tips and advice for people looking to make The road show will feature live cookery demonstrations and interactive games for the family.

For more information visit nhs.uk/change4life.