BREAKING New Year’s resolutions is, to many people, a tradition that inevitably takes place in January or, for the slightly stronger-willed, February.

No matter how confident we enter into the New Year with goals of kicking our dirty habits or transforming our bodies into a pillar of health, many of us fail to stick to our new year’s resolutions before January has even hit double figures.

Last week, LiveWire stop smoking co-ordinator Danielle Ramsey shared her top tips about how to stub out your cravings for cigarettes and how to tackle the addiction head on.

In the second part of the series, health weight co-ordinator Jayne Russell will reveal how to stay healthy while on the go and dispels a number of myths about weight loss and fad diets.

THE simplest of tasks used to leave him gasping for air but, after vowing to shed the pounds, a granddad of two is now fit enough to run around after his grandchildren.

Paul Forbor, from Burtonwood, was determined to beat the bulge and has dropped from 19 and a half stone at his heaviest to 16 stone two pounds.

The 62-year-old said: “Everything was such a chore before, even tieing my shoelaces was an effort. I had no energy in me at all.”

The father of two piled on the pounds after a catalogue of accidents that left him unable to work.

Paul has suffered from two strokes in the past four years and also lost both his kidneys and seriously injured his back in 2000 after falling off a roof while working, forcing him to spend five months in hospital.

Over the years, Paul’s weight has fluctuated as he battled with the pain following the accident but in December 2012, he finally decided enough was enough.

“I have always struggled with my weight and I could never resist a pie but this time last year I finally decided to do something about it,” said Paul.

Since enlisting the help of the Livewire Weight Management Team, Paul’s energy levels have skyrocketed and he feels healthier.

“When I look at the clothes I used to wear I honestly can’t believe it. You could fit two people in them,” he joked.

Paul was provided with a wealth of information on healthy eating and advice on how to drop the weight in a healthy way while getting constant support he needed to keep him motivated.

Health weight co-ordinator Jayne Russell says the team will not force anyone on to a strict diet at LiveWire but it’s about helping you increase your knowledge on food types.

Jayne added: “People eat more mindlessly these days so aren’t aware of what they are eating. I always ask people are you a mindless muncher or a conscious cruncher?

“People will be convinced they haven’t eaten something when they have.”

LiveWire offers 11 stop weight management sessions across the Warrington area, running from Monday to Friday.

Visit or free phone 0300 0030818.

Myth Buster Thin women have a naturally high metabolism.

False: Moving a 15 stone body takes more energy than moving an eight stone body, so an overweight woman has a higher metabolism, burning up to 50 per cent more calories than a lighter woman.

Fitness makes a difference.

True: The blood supply to your muscles burns calories all the time. So the more muscle mass you have, the harder your body is working even when resting.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

True: Eating breakfast brings the metabolism to life, but it doesn't actually boost it any more than normal.

Spicy foods boost the metabolism.

False: While spicy food raises your temperature and makes you sweat, it doesn't have any long-term impact on metabolism.