PROVING yoga is not just for ‘females who are young, slim and fit’ is Bold Street Methodist Mission yoga group.

Hania Gorzko, who runs the classes, said she feels there are a number of misconceptions surrounding the exercise regime and most of her classes are filled with men and women aged from 40 to 70.

The 63-year-old, who also runs sessions in Culcheth and Woolston, said: “Within the group at Bold Street there are two ladies in their seventies, five in their sixties and two in their fifties.

“It is unfortunate that almost without exception any press picture of yoga continues to give the impression that you must be female, reasonably young, reasonably slim and reasonably fit to do yoga.

“This group represents the true origins of yoga as a practice designed to bring the best possible health to everybody with a wide variety of shapes, sizes, levels of ability and restrictions taking part.”

Among those who take part in Hania’s classes are women who have suffered knee problems, knee and hip replacements, osteoporosis and a broken wrist and use yoga to ease their condition.

Hania, who has been practising for 38 years, added: “Currently at Culcheth Leisure Centre 50 per cent of the class is middle-aged and male and Bold Street Methodist Mission has a selection of the ailments and limitations that can come with increasing distance from birth.

”The fantastic thing about yoga is that you do not try to imitate the person standing at the head of the class.

“Skilful teaching guides each student towards their interpretation so that they get the best benefit for themselves.

“The essence of yoga doesn't wax and wane with fashion, it is truly an ageless practice.”

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