FIREFIGHTERS have been called out across town over the Easter weekend to a spate of grass fires.

Incidents were reported at Sankey Valley Park, Farrell Street in Howley, Davies Way and Ridgway Grundy Park in Lymm, and on Liverpool Road.

And firefighters have issued warnings to properly extinguish cigarettes and teach children not to play with fire.

Alex Waller, the head of service delivery for the Warrington area at Cheshire Fire, said, "Fires of this nature can spread extremely quickly and can pose a real threat to people's safety and the environment.

“Although we are not sure at this stage what caused all of these fires it would appear that some have been started deliberately by young people.”

If anyone has any information about people starting fires deliberately they can report it anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0845 555 111 or by calling Cheshire Police on 101.