A CALLANDS man was left stunned when he received a mobile phone bill for more than £1,000 after his phone had been stolen.

Andy Hewitt, of St Asaph Drive, realised his mobile had been pinched during a night out in Newmarket in October.

But after reporting the theft to T-mobile he could not believe it when a bill including numerous calls to Lithuania arrived.

The 47-year-old said: “I never normally use my phone to call anyone other than my mum, partner or work and there are calls to various numbers in eastern Europe within a 24 hour period.

“I have had a contract with T-mobile for more than six years and never made a call to that country before or ran up a bill anywhere near that size so surely they should use some common sense.”

Instead Mr Hewitt claims the phone giant have threatened him with bailiffs to collect the money and blocked his phone, which is vital for his job in the care department at Chaigeley School, until he pays.

He added: “It’s really upset my partner and it’s ridiculous the amount of worry it’s caused.

“There’s no customer care at all and staff have just told me I’m under contract so I’m obliged to pay it.

“I feel like I’m being bullied because they are a big company and why should I pay for calls that I haven’t made?

A Newmarket police spokesman confirmed the phone theft had been reported to them and an investigation was still on-going.

A T-Mobile spokesman said: "We are speaking directly with Mr Hewitt and investigating the case further."