TWO teenagers are facing two years in a young offenders institution after what judge David Hale described as a ‘persistent, violent and very frightening’ attack on an 18-year-old.

Jamie Smith, of Bowness Avenue, Orford, and Nathan Frazer, of Lymmington Avenue, Lymm, both pleaded guilty to robbery after they followed stranded victim Ian Collins in the town centre at 11.30pm in December last year.

Warrington Crown Court heard on Friday the teenager needed to make a phone call but his mobile battery was flat so he asked the two defendants if he could use theirs on Winwick Road.

Kim Egerton, prosecuting, said Frazer charged him £1 to use it before Mr Collins found the phone had no credit.

The pair then followed the victim before Smith told Mr Collins ‘he wasn’t going home that night’.

Mrs Egerton added: “He was hit with a beer can before they tried to bang his head against a wall.

“Mr Collins was kicked by both men while he was on the floor before he managed to get to his feet and was told to hand over his jacket and empty his pockets.”

The pair ran off with the victim’s money, phone and his jacket but were later identified on CCTV.

Smith and Frazer had both been in court earlier last year with a battery offence after an incident involving teenagers in a park in the town.

Huw Edwards, defending Fazer, said it was a case of ‘severe bullying’ and he had been supported by his family in court.

Simeon Evans, defending Smith, said his mum was very shocked when he last appeared before court and hoped it was enough to teach him a lesson.

Judge David Hale said: “Take advantage of the affection and support you have at home.

“Stop behaving like vicious hooligans and there’s a future for you.”