A DOCTOR swapped his surgery for the studio as he hit the nations airwaves to speak about international aid.

Dr Matthew Prior was interviewed by Daybreak, BBC radio, BBC News and Sky News earlier this month to coincide with the Prime Minster’s visit to Liberia to discuss aid, a country Dr Prior had visited himself in December.

The 28-year-old who works in maternity care at Blackpool Victoria Hospital, said: “Because I had been to Liberia I had been asked to do some work as a health ambassador for Save The Children.

“I was asked why should we be giving money to international agencies when there’s a big perception that a lot of it gets wasted.

“My answer was I have seen it working when I went to Liberia. I saw hospitals and clinics providing basic things like antibiotics for preventable diseases. Without aid those children would have died.

Dr Prior, of Archers Green Road, was asked to become a health ambassador for the charity after visiting The African country with five other health campaigners.

Over the course of the week he visited hospitals and health clinics to compare and contrast service provision and facilities with Liberia and the UK.

He added: “It’s amazing how much of a difference the most basic health care can make, just providing fluids can be life saving. You read about things like this in the newspapers all the time, but until you actually go and experience how the system works over there it’s impossible to understand. It really is a different planet.”

And continuing his ambassador role back at home Dr Prior is hoping to get others to do their bit and help end world hunger as part of the If campaign set up by a number of charities as the UK gears up to host the G8 again.

“I want to encourage people to be involved in putting pressure on the Government to continue funding aid,” he added.

And his Tv appearances have been causing a stir back at the day job too.

Dr Prior said: “People at work have been pleased to see one of their colleagues on TV. It’s not something I normally do.”