THREE hundred residents have joined their voice over anger surrounding the plans for Peel Hall.

They attended a meeting called by ward councillors at the Millhouse Pub in Houghton Green on Thursday night.

Although there were angered after planning chiefs who attended said they could not discuss the council’s failure to bring the application to committee within an eight week deadline.

Clr Billy Lines-Rowlans (LAB - Poulton North), who addressed the meeting, said that the number of people in attendance showed "the real strength of feeling" in the community about the plans.

He commented: "Council officers have drastically underestimated the strength of feeling locally on this matter.

“Peel Hall is north Warrington's Arpley Tip. Three hundred people at a public meeting is a huge turnout. Officers have, at times, taken a cavalier attitude to a matter of enormous public concern.

"Residents are rightly vexed that the council's representative would not answer a single question about why the deadline was missed - despite my giving him the opportunity to do so. This has fuelled the frustration locally, and led to further calls for Mr Farrall's resignation."

The issue will now be discussed at a meeting of the council’s development control committee on March 7.

Clr Steve Roberts (LAB - Poplars and Hulme) said: "It is very important that local people send their views to the planning committee members, as well as the council's chief executive.

“My fellow ward councillors and I will be contacting all interested residents with the full details of where they should send their letters and emails to.

“This will given them a dual opportunity