THE family of Nathan Taylor have spoken of their heartbreak after the missing teenager’s body was found in the Manchester Ship Canal.

Nathan was found by police divers on Friday following a frantic six day search.

Mum Amanda, of Connaught Avenue, Padgate said: “You feel like someone has come into your life and thrown it up and it’s all just shattered on the floor.

“Now we are trying to put the pieces back together but there will always be a piece missing that we can’t get back.

“I’m devastated.

“I did have an inkling beforehand because they searched for so long.

“I felt like this was coming and was trying to prepare but nothing can prepare you for this.

Sister Olivia, aged 15, said: “When I was told I just broke down into tears.

“I still hoped that he’d be ok.

“It’s just really hard to accept that he’s gone.”

The Warrington Collegiate media student was found in the canal next to Latchford Locks where flowers have been left in tribute.

Police say there are no suspicious circumstances surrounding his death.

Dad Chris said: “We were expecting bad news but you are never prepared because you don’t lose hope.

“It was like a big hole just opened up and we fell through it.

“We can’t eat or sleep.

“The hardest thing is not knowing why he was at the locks - he’d never been there before and it wasn’t on his way home.

“It’s a question we keep asking ourselves but one we will never know the answer to.