"HE was one of a kind and his memory will live on in our hearts - it’s hard to see a future without Nathan but we will always remember him.”

Those are the words of Amanda Taylor, mum to the missing teenager whose body was found on Friday.

She described the 18-year-old as an ‘inspiration’ to her and said: “If I said I couldn’t do something he would just inspire me and say you can do it.

“He worked out at the gym and motivated me to go as well.

“We used to go to the gym together and some people would think that’s weird, a mum with her teenage son, but he was never embarrassed.

“He was very proud of his family.”

The ‘cheerful, always smiling’ Warrington Collegiate media student was a film lover who wanted to go to university and become a cameraman.

His favourite films were the Rocky series, and he loved to listen to Swedish House Mafia, 50 Cent, Skrillex and Example.

He was very close to sister Olivia, aged 15, who spent most days with her older brother.

She said: “If you were down Nathan would just bring you back up again.

“We’d watch DVDs together and go to the shop or gym.

“Sometimes we’d just take silly pictures together, things we would do all of the time.

“The funniest time was when he came back from a night out and couldn’t get in so he slept on the trampoline because he didn’t want to wake anybody up.

“I’ll miss just spending most of my time with him and calling him silly names.

“I just want people to know that I love him.”

His family said the former Bruche Primary School and Woolston High School pupil had ‘everything to look forward to’.

Nathan had started seeing a girl and was planning a holiday to Malia with his friends in the summer.

“He wanted to take this girl out to town and look after her because that’s the sort of boy he was,” said Amanda.

“It makes it harder he had all of these things to look forward to.”

Dad Chris said he would miss ‘the every day things’ the most.

“He would always listen to music in his room and even though he was noisy and played it loud it was good to hear he was up there.

“You’d come home from work and know he was in, but now you don’t hear his music any more.

“Our message to parents is to look after your kids.

“You tend to look after girls more than boys, but we know that boys are vulnerable too.”