“THE time has come.”

The words of Lymm resident Rod King, who is founder and campaign director of 20’s Plenty who are helping councils across the country bring in lower speed limits.

And In the borough the first wave of 20mph speed limits across all residential roads will came into operation on Friday.

Mr King, who also spoke to MPs at the House of Commons about 20mph zones on Wednesday, has long been campaigning for the borough to bring in lower speed limits.

He said“It’s happening in so many places now and it’s good to see Warrington is up there with the likes of Liverpool, York and Bristol.

“I think drivers will recognise people live in those 20mph roads and there are children playing and people sleeping there.

“It sets a standard and as it says in our community we do not want people speeding.

“If you go at more than 20mph you are speeding and you are breaking the law and not doing what the community wants. Speeding is anti-social.”

The first 20mph areas include Dallam, part of Orford and Howley.

The entire borough’s residential roads will be turned to 20mph over the next three years after council bosses approved the move in 2011.

Money from the Sustainable Transport Fund is being used to help fund the estimated £740,000 programme.

But the move to life in the slow lane has faced opposition from some motorists who complain at the cost and how the limits will be policed.

Lower speed limit campaigner Mr King though said: “Where people have lower speed limits they do not want to give them up. If they had the choice of living on a street with 20mph or 30mph the vast majority will choose 20mph.

“It makes better communities and better lives to live.”