A GROUP of Warrington’s most creative tradesmen will launch their 2013 season on Saturday.

More than 50 make up Created in WA, a group which aims to promote the work of craftsmen in the town.

From soap to candles, cards to food and glass making to wood turning, there is an array of people involved.

And the rules are simple to become a member: Goods must be made yourself, by hand, and you must live in the WA postcode area.

Sandra Chorlton, who makes handcrafted cards, said the group has a programme of events throughout the year, starting on Saturday in the back hall of Warrington Market with a Valentine’s gift fair.

She added: “We are celebrating a year of being up and running and it is going well.

“We had a group come on a coach from Devon because they heard about us.

“And our customers are saying they would rather buy handcrafted than anything else.”

Thirty five stallholders will be exhibiting on Saturday with a wide range of goods.

Sandra added: “This year we are determined to work really hard.

“It is hard in this environment though. I think what we are finding is that people are still buying, but perhaps in smaller numbers. So where they may buy four or five a few years ago, it is now one or two.”

The fair on Saturday runs between 10am and 4pm.