THE son of a pensioner has spoken out after his 90-year-old mum had cash stolen from her bedroom by two men as she sat and knitted.

Wayne Jackson, aged 48, of Brownhill Drive, Padgate said: “I felt physically sick when I was told what had happened.

“My hands were shaking and I could’ve killed someone, but I think that’s how anyone would feel if that had happened to your elderly mum.

“She lives on her own and that was all the money she has “Hopefully the police will do something about it.”

The burglary happened in the Smith Drive area of Orford on Tuesday, January 29 at around 2pm.

Neighbours reported seeing two men run out of the property.

They alerted the elderly lady who found that £450 in cash set aside for bills had been stolen.

Mr Jackson said it was worrying that intruders could get into his mum’s home but said it was a ‘blessing’ she was not hurt.

“She was sitting in her home just knitting, as she likes to do.

“They just snuck upstairs without her even knowing “That is the fortunate thing really, it was a blessing in disguise she wasn’t confronted.

“If a young lad knocked her down at 90 that could finish her off.

“But she’s ok and is still doing her cooking and baking.

“The police praised her attitude - after the burglary she just said to the police if they want to do that to an old woman, they must need the money more than me.”

Police are appealing for witnesses.

DC Carol McCormick-Priest, of Cheshire Police’s proactive policing team, said: “This is an appeal for witnesses who may have seen the offenders and for anyone with information to call myself.

“Can we mention again to the public, especially the elderly, that even when they are at home during the day time that doors need to be locked and not to answer the door to anyone with out identification.”

Call DC McCormick-Priest on 101 with any information.