WOOLSTON residents are concerned over phone callers from companies claiming that homes are in the wrong council tax band.

Homeowners on Acacia Avenue have been getting calls for several days from a company saying they are owed thousands of pounds in paid council tax.

Resident James Overton said: “They called us twice to say we were owed £2,700.

“Other neighbours say they have had that call as well.

“We have been here for 40 years and have always been in the same council tax band.

“They offered to send someone round to check on the property.”

Wife Benise said: “They started quoting figures and I think that makes you vulnerable.

“It just sounds like they just want to get into houses, which is scary.”

While not illegal, such companies are likely to charge a fee.

Residents can check what band their property should be in by using a free service with the Valuation Office Agency. It sets bandings in Warrington.

If you believe your home is incorrectly banded call the VOA on 03000 501501 or go to voa.gov.uk.