A POPULATION boom has hit Bewsey and Whitecross and Whittle Hall with the number of residents jumping from 30 per cent and 43 per cent each over the last decade.

The figures are from the 2011 Census as results show the borough’s population has grown by 5.8 per cent since 2001.

But Rixton and Woolston has seen its populations drop by 6.5 per cent over the past 10 years.

Details of the way the town has changed are being released following the compiling of the surveys filled out back in March 2011.

Information from the Census helps Warrington Borough Council and other services plan for the needs of the community with detailed information about population numbers, ages and health needs in each ward.

The service sector is the most popular industry for employed people in the borough to work in.

The majority of the town are aged between 16 to 65 with 65 per cent of the 202,000 people in Warrington ticking that category while 19 per cent are under 15 and 16 per cent aged 65 and above.

Yet travelling abroad is not an option for 15.5 per cent of the borough who do not have a passport.

The majority of the borough believe they are in good or very good health with more than 80 per cent chosing those options on the survey which was conuducted in March 2011 while 5.4 per cent felt they were in bad or very bad health.

From the 85,140 households, 11.6 per cent are pensioners living alone; 17.2 per cent are single households; 66.6 per cent are family and 7.3 per cent lone parent households.

71.6 per cent of homes are owner occupied, with 7.2 per cent renting from the council.

Further results will be released later this month as well as March 2013 and can be found at warrington.gov.uk.