A PAIR involved in a melee with police after a student night have been found not guilty of assaulting a police officer.

Bradley Nicholls, of Irwell Road, and Jade Llewelyn, of Marsh Street, both pleaded guilty to threatening behaviour and resisting arrest.

But Nicholls, aged 23, denied punching PC Anthony Spelman during the night out and Llewelyn, aged 21, claimed she did not deliberately hit him with the heel of her shoe.

CCTV caught the incident outside Voodoo nightclub, Friars Gate, at 2.20am on October 24 last year.

Warrington Magistrates Court heard on Wednesday PC Spelman, who has 10 years experience with the police, was telling Nicholls to calm down after an argument with a doorman outside Voodoo.

Richard Selay, prosecuting, said Nicholls repeatedly swore at the officer until he was told he was going to be arrested.

He then tried to run away but was grabbed by PC Spelman leading to a struggle involving another officer and a doorman who helped pin Nicholls to the ground.

The officer said he said he felt two or three blows to his head during the fracas and CCTV footage showed Nicholls swinging his arms while friends gathered round, taking pictures and swearing at officers.

Jonathan Conder, defending, said the CCTV did not show if the blows connected and added Nicholls was using his arms to ‘regain his balance’.

While officers put Nicholls into the police van, Llewlyn is seen in the footage running over and remonstrating at officers before throwing one of their hats which was on the floor.

Three officers eventually pinned her to the ground as she tried to fight arrest and officers claimed she caused a cut on PC Spelman’s nose after she hit him with her shoes.

PC Spelman said: “I have been a public order officer and worked in the town centre for some years and this was one of the worst incidents I have had otherwise I would not have contested this issue.

“I’m not trying to say it was a serious assault but I did have marks on my head and face afterwards.”

Jonathan Conder, defending, suggested he had used ‘considerable force’ during the arrests.

Nicholls and Llewelyn were both fined £40 for threatening behaviour, £75 for resisting arrest and £105 court costs and victim surcharge.