A LYMM mum-of-two was caught driving more than three times over the legal limit on a journey which would have taken less than 10 minutes to walk.

Vicky Davies, of Ashcroft Road, drove her BMW car home after guzzling two glasses of wine and sharing a bottle of champagne with her husband at Marco Marco restaurant, Rushgreen Road, to celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary.

Warrington Magistrates Court heard last Friday she could not remember leaving the restaurant or being breathalysed by police on Sandy Lane during the three minute drive, according to Google maps, on November 29 at 11pm.

Detectives found she had 125mg alcohol per 100ml of breath whereas the legal limit is 35mg.

Sonia Bellerby, prosecuting, said: “Police were called to a road traffic collision and found two females, one was lying on the floor.

“The other party had suffered a fractured shoulder blade but there is no information to suggest the defendant was responsible.”

Davies had no previous convictions and was described as ‘the sort of person the community would value’ after taking part in a variety of charity work.

Brian Koffman, defending, said Davies did not have an alcohol problem and was not a regular drinker.

He added: “It was a last minute decision to go for a meal and they told me they didn’t intend to drive back.

“They remember asking a waiter if they could leave their car at the restaurant once they realised how much they had been drinking but they don’t know why they didn’t.

“She has been deeply affected by the incident and feels terrible shame.”

Magistrates said they believed Davies’ remorse was genuine but she was lucky nothing worse had happened.

She was banned from driving for 30 months, ordered to complete 180 hours unpaid work and pay £145 fine and court costs.