A CUPCAKE company has gone global after One Direction heart-throb Harry Styles paid a visit to the owners' Chapelford home today, Thursday.

The Holmes Chapel singer went to the Custom Cupcake Company, in Montgomery Close to buy 23 cupcakes to mark his celebrity girlfriend Taylor Swift’s 23rd birthday.

And since the news was first revealed by the Warrington Guardian, the firm's owners Matt and Kelly Blakey have been inundated with inquiries from newspapers and TV stations both here and in the US.

Matt said they received a call the day before asking for 23 cakes urgently.

He added: “The woman said it was for Harry Styles but I didn’t know who that was at first.

“We had got a lot of orders before Christmas but she said he desperately needed them so we said ok.

“It was only afterwards we looked on the internet and saw it was his girlfriend’s birthday today and she was 23.”

Matt and wife Kelly, who run the company together from their home, said the cakes were a selection of 12 flavours including ones filled with candy floss and a mint liqueur centre.

The couple have spent the rest of today fielding calls from the media including American national entertainment channel E News and celebrity magazines such as US Weekly.Kelly added: “I was a real professional until I closed the door and then I went a bit giddy.“Matt hadn’t told me the cakes were for Harry Styles so I was really surprised when I opened the front door to him.

“He was a lovely, down to earth guy.”