TWO burglars bought tickets for the last train from Liverpool to Warrington to spend a night stealing from homes.

John Bishop, aged 23 and 17-year-old Mark Gleeson travelled from their Liverpool homes to Warrington Central on the last train, arriving in after midnight on September 1.

Warrington Crown Court heard they struck four times at properties on Oldham Street, Slater Street, Cumberland Street and Blackley Close, all in Latchford taking items including a Super Dry jacket, cash which had 910 written on it, a laptop, camera, Polish cigarettes a screw driver and dusters.

David Polglase, prosecuting, said: “They were arrested at about 6am near where the burglaries had been done. Bishop had a mobile phone with a torch app and was wearing the jacket taken from Oldham Street. He also had the marked money which had come from Slater Street.

“Gleeson had the train tickets and the Polish cigarettes.”

They told police the items were their own and were in Warrington to meet a group of girls at their flat.

Bishop had a number of previous convictions for burglary of non-dwellings while Gleeson had non-related convictions.

The pair had pleaded guilty to the counts of burglary.

Lianne Birkett, defending Gleeson, said: “He has had support from his family. He will no longer be able to look after his grandmother and will not be a positive role model to his sisters.”

Judge David Hale said: “You didn’t get away with very much but you did burgle houses where people while people were in them at night.”

Bishop was handed a two year prison sentence and Gleeson a two year training and detention order.