WITH a struggling jobs market graduates have been going to alternative lengths to find their skills appreciated.

Artists Enya Koster and Slawa Rusin have decided to do just that by organising a pop up craft fair for creative types from across the borough to sell their wares.

Slawa studied illustration and animation at the University of Central Lancashire while Enya completed her interactive art degree at Manchester Metropolitan University The pair had approached Bank Quay Gallery following their graduations earlier in year to enquire about running an exhibition at the Sankey Street venue.

They had struggled to find a way to get their artwork seen.

Enya, aged 22 and from Croft, said: “We had a meeting with the gallery, we were just talking about ideas and came up with ideas for exhibitions or a craft stall. “We tried it out on October 25 with just one stall.

“On the day it was mostly people coming in asking if they could sell stuff too so we thought we would open it out to others this time.”

So they decided to create the first event which will take place on Saturday.

“It’s great creating this opportunity not just for ourselves but others as well,” added Enya.

“Already Warrington has a really good arts scene brewing so we just need to create more events so artists have more powers.”

It means the pair can continue to follow their passion for their art and help to raise their profile at the same time.

Enya said: “We always decided we were going to be freelance, even if we had a part time job we would make time to do something creative.”

And they believe it will help influence other students to follow their dreams despite the uncertain job market.

“My advice to students would be to get as much experience as you can while you’re in university, a lot of employers look for that. It’s not just about your grades,” Enya added.

The pop up craft fair will run from 11am to 4pm, is free and will include stalls selling jewellery, cards and more while children can try their hand at cartoons and refreshments will also be served.