A BYPASS is needed to cope with the extra pressue due to hit Warrington’s road - according to one of its MPs.

David Mowat, Conservative MP for Warrington South, spoke out in a House of Commons debate on Tuesday night.

He says a bypass is needed around the town centre to relieve Bridge Foot - which is already at bursting point.

He says the joint effect of the new Runcorn Bridge and increased vehicle movements needed to accomodate the Atlantic Gateway project on the Manchester Ship Canal will require a long term solution.

He added: “So far Warrington Borough Council has developed memorandums of understanding with Peel Holdings on the canal movements, with some sensible measures in that regard, and with Halton Borough Council in respect of the bridge.

“However, we are tinkering at the boundaries and trying to mitigate what is unmitigable.

“Both schemes that are causing problems in Warrington, the Atlantic gateway and the Mersey gateway bridge, are good schemes that are necessary and should go forward.

“What I am asking is that collectively we do what we can to ensure that we do not undermine the prosperity and safety of the residents of Warrington as we pursue the schemes.”

Council leader Terry O’Neill is also backing a short term plan, which Mr Mowat mentioned, to put in a link road in place from close to Bank Quay station to Brian Bevan island.

He said a longer term solution could be a route from Sankey Way to Chester Road, close to Walton Gardens.

He added: “We are looking to maximise our economic potential and this would be one way of doing that.

“We have costed plans in place, not only for the roads, but it would allow us to develop currently untapped areas as well.

“The Atlantic Gateway plans are good and I am hoping we can use them to improve all the roads and routes to the south of the town.”

While large Government grants would probably need to be used to help the schemes, Clr O’Neill was in London on Tuesday speaking to possible investors for the wider Cheshire and Warrington economic community.