KINGSWOOD residents say they have been left in the dark over building works on the Omega South site.

A building with windows has cropped up on the major development site near to Burtonwood Road and Westbrook Avenue but residents say they were not informed of the work and had struggled to find information out about the development.

Terry Pegram, from Kingswood and was shocked to see the building work go ahead, said: “They are not telling people what is going on there. The building work has been going on for five or six weeks and they are still building now.”

A Warrington Borough Council spokesman said the building was an electricity substation, which had planning permission granted earlier this year.

But residents are still wary of developments on the site after facing years of speculation of what could be built on the empty business park.

In the last three years homeowners have been vocally opposed to suggestions a titan prison could have been built on the site under previous Labour Government plans to build super prisons.

There have also been previous concerns part of the vast site which was originally planned to become an office hub for big businesses could see an incinerator built.

Mr Pegram added: “I’m concerned about it and the fact they haven’t told us what it is beforehand.

“There have been all kinds of suggestions about what could be built there.”

Peter Taylor, assistant director for development and public protection at Warrington Borough Council said: “Initial infrastructure works have recently begun at the Omega site ahead of development.”