A PUB landlord is calling for action after pot holes have recently caused damaged to two cars in Penketh.

Andrew Mulholland, who runs the Ferry Tavern with his wife Jade, said there has been problems with Station Road for the last five years including flooding whenever it rains.

But despite numerous complaints to Network Rail, who own the road, nothing has yet been done.

Mr Mulholland, aged 34, said: “Accidents are a fairly regular occurrence and recently one driver’s wheel has come off so he had to leave the car and when he returned it had been stolen.

“Another motorist couldn’t remove the wheel from his car after the impact with the pot hole caused it to buckle.

“It’s frustrating nothing is being done when pubs are doing everything they can to save money and pubs are closing down every day of the week.

“A problem like this is the last thing you need.”

Pedestrians have also fell foul of the pot holes with trips and falls leading to broken ankles and a cyclist was taken to hospital with leg injuries after colliding with a car who was swerving to avoid the foot-deep pot holes.

Penketh Parish Council have voiced their support of the pub and written to Network Rail about the problem.

Trish Wilson, chairman of Penketh Parish Council, said: “Station Road may seem like a country road but it’s an important route in Penketh frequented by families, cyclists and walkers.

“It’s become a significant danger and we could be only seconds away from a serious accident.

“The parish council is very concerned and want the situation to be rectified as soon as possible.”

A Network Rail spokesman said: “The complaint has been passed on to our property works team with a view to the pot holes being filled in soon.”