CONSERVATIVE and Labour candidates in the police and crime commissioner vote will go through to a second preference count.


Conservative candidate John Dwyer and Labour's John Stockton will now wait as the secondary votes on ballots for runners up - Liberal Democrat's Ainsley Arnold, UKIP's Louise Bours and independent Sarah Flannery - are added to their initial totals.


The secondary votes come into play when no candidate gains more than 50 per cent of the vote with the top two going through to a further count.


Warrington put Mr Stockton ahead of Mr Dwyer on 7,928 compared to 6,057.


Independent Sarah Flannery came in third with 2,677, Lib Dem's Ainsley Arnold had 2,223 and UKIP's Louise Bours had 1,607.


But Mr Dwyer had almost 10,000 lead from the county-wide vote with 40,122 compared to Mr Stockton's 30,974.


Check the Warrington Guardian later this evening for the final result.