A BAND who played at the Cavern in the 1960s when they rose to fame have been reunited - thanks to the Warrington Guardian.

The Vigilantes played at the iconic venue as part of the Merseybeat revolution of the 60s and performed their last gig at the Lion Hotel in Bridge Street in 1965.

They were well known in Warrington regularly playing Baths Hall, the Co-op Hall, Parr Hall and Bell Hall.

Now, the the surviving members have been reunited and last month played their first gig in more than 45 years.

Jeff Rigby, from Great Sankey, started the search after a trip to a Mods and Rockers display at Warrington Museum. Four of the members were reunited then, and the remaining members thanks to the Warrington Guardian.

Jeff, aged 67, said: “The group went its separate ways, never to meet each other again for more than 45 years, until 12 months ago, with the help of the Guardian, all surviving original members were finally re-united.”

“The band decided to re-form and now, consisting of original members Ray Johnson, Ian Preece, Pete Garner, Jeff Rigby, Bill Monks, and Colin Massey have been rehearsing on a regular basis.”

Original drummer Don Smith is the final member and isn’t currently rehearsing with the band but he has sat in with them on several occasions.

The band finally performed their first gig since 1965 at a Halloween dance in St Helens, where they performed a one-hour spot as guests of St Helens group “Top Quartile”.

More gigs are now planned by the band, at least one will be before Christmas this year.

For more information and to get in touch thevigilantes.co.uk.