WILLIAM Beamont High School has been without hot water or heating for more than a month meaning pupils missing weeks of school.

A boiler damaged during flooding in Orford on September 26 has left classrooms too cold to use. It was finally fixed on Tuesday.

It means many parents have been left struggling to find child care, with children told to stay home.

Paul Mason, aged 35, of Brandwood Avenue, Longford, says his son Reese, a year eight pupil, has so far missed nine days of school.

He said: “I think it is absolutely disgusting that this has not been sorted out yet.

“It has been going on for weeks and a lot of parents will be really struggling.

“It’s bad enough having to find 13 weeks of child care.

“I really don’t think they have done enough.”

Lessons were first disrupted before the half-term holiday last month.

A replacement boiler was installed by Warrington Borough Council initially during the week-long break, but that failed to heat the school properly.

Only certain classrooms have been used, meaning many children are not able to go into school.

Year 11 pupils have been prioritised with other year groups rotated on different days.

Many parents have expressed dismay that homework is not being provided for those missing lessons.

Colin Hollingsworth, aged 47, of Fisher Avenue, said son Declan, aged 13, has not been given any work to do.

“I think it is ridiculous in this day and age that because the boiler is not working the school is partly closed,” he said.

“They haven’t even been given any work to do at home.

“I feel that William Beamont is falling well below the education guidelines.”

A council spokesperson said: “The heating system has now been repaired and is fully operational allowing normal lessons to be resumed.

“The damage to the boiler was very bad during the flooding and has taken time to repair.

“We apologise for the delay in carrying out the repairs and any inconvenience caused to parents.”