WINWICK residents are being urged to register for faster broadband as part of the Guardian’s campaign to bring better internet connection into the community.

BT announced that fibre optic broadband will be available from the Warrington exchange by the end of 2013 and will benefit 23,500 homes and businesses.

It is not yet known which street cabinets will be upgraded in the roll out and BT say the decision will be based on commercial demand.

Helen Jones, Warrington North MP, has been among those to lobby for change.

She said: “I’m calling on every resident to register their demand for faster broadband with their internet service provider or through the Connecting Cheshire website.”

Ms Jones has lobbied BT to include street cabinets in Winwick as part of the roll out as residents in the village and other areas in the north of Warrington have been frustrated by slow broadband speeds for years.

Sarah Bellerby, of high level complaints management at VT Openreach said that by registering interest for the fibre product with residents’ own service provider it will help to identify commercial demand and allow BT to investigate.

Ms Bellerby said: “We do have a robust commercial model that we use in determining which street cabinets are included in the upgrade.

“I can confirm though that street cabinets, which are not included, will be considered in future deployment plans in case circumstances change.”

Mrs Jones is eager for all people in the community to register this demand and hopes this can be the next stage of the Warrington Guardian’s campaign calling for better internet connection across Warrington.

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