A Street Cat Named Bob (12)


support, love and hope comes from unusual places.

When many people are facing hard times they rely on friends or family.

But James Bowen’s rock had four legs, a ginger coat and a deep purr.

A Street Cat Named Bob is the true, if somewhat embellished, story of how a cat turned the life of homeless busker around.

Luke Treadaway plays James, a drug addict who is determined to get clean.

He is befriended by an injured cat who begins to travel around on his shoulders everywhere, causing a stir on the Covent Garden street theatre scene.

Filmmaker Roger Spottiswoode is no stranger to working with animals having previously directed Turner and Hooch.

And if you love cats you cannot help but be won over by this heartwarming tale based on the best-selling book.

Bob even plays himself and one of the most impressive feats of the film is how well trained the scarf-wearing mog is.

However Spottiswoode chooses sentiment over substance at times, skirting around the bigger social issues the story brings up.

And more backstory would have given viewers a better understanding of James and why drugs and homelessness blighted his life.

It might be too lighthearted at times but nevertheless A Street Cat Named Bob is a moving film which will give all but the most hard hearted paws (sorry) for thought.

Ruta Gedmintas is also excellent as the eccentric animal rights campaigner Betty whose life is also changed by James and Bob.