Fitness technique used by Hollywood stars is sweeping the country, as Hannah Bargery discovers...

IF I described soaring through the air before gently swinging in my hammock, you would probably think I was boasting about some exotic holiday I had been on.

But a new fitness craze sweeping the country sees participants doing both while also unleashing their inner Marvel Comic super hero.

Anti-gravity yoga has all the benefits of traditional yoga...but with the added fun of hanging upside down from the ceiling perfecting your Spiderman pose.

Stars including Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Mariah Carey have all fallen head over heels for the fitness technique but with hammocks capable of carrying 1,000 lbs you don’t have to worry about being a Hollywood dress size to join in.

Dawn Musa has been running the Anandair Aerial Fitness classes in Widnes since May after being made redundant from her role as a teacher and says the sessions appeal to a wide cross-section of people.

She added: “I have a 67-year-old lady who has been coming regularly, people with back problems and fit athletes who compete at a high level with kettle bells.

“Some like to come for the restorative benefits and relaxation while others for strength and the adrenaline boost you get doing it.

“Hanging from the ceiling sends fresh blood to your brain and releases happy hormones while also increasing your brain’s ability to learn.

“There are also benefits like strengthening your core and people come out of classes measurably taller as it stretches your spine.”

As someone who has never been able to manage so much as a forward roll, I was feeling rather nervous heading to my first class.

But thanks to the help of Dawn with her clear instructions guiding the class every swing of the way, I was soon backflipping out of my hammock and feeling like Batgirl hanging from the ceiling with ease.

And while there were no pina coladas in sight while I swung in my hammock, I thoroughly enjoyed my time flying with Dawn and would recommend it to anyone ready to try something new.

Classes take place on Sunday and Wednesday evenings at Widnes Martial Arts Centre, Waterloo Road.

For more information, visit