When hunting for the perfect home it can be tempting to consider a traditional or period property – but this can be a costly decision.

Your traditional, charming abode may turn into a nightmare and could cost a small fortune to renovate.

Old windows, boilers, plumbing, wiring, and insulation are just some of the features of older homes that could leave you with a lot of bills on top of your mortgage payments.

Buying a newly-constructed home, built with modern materials and quality construction methods, means you don’t have to spend money on home improvements or replacing worn and dated parts of your new home.

Look for brand new homes with a 10-year NHBC warranty for assurance of a quality build. A family home should be a safe and secure home, and new properties have been designed with that in mind. Well-designed homes built with fire retardant materials ensure your family’s safety.

Electrical wiring and gas supplies will have been fitted to stringent Government standards too – no need to worry about prior repairs having been made by less than reputable tradesmen.

Look for a new home with fire alarms fitted as standard.

One common complaint is that many new build homes are smaller and have less storage.

While this can be the case with some developments, it pays to shop around and find a home that is designed to use space efficiently and effectively.

Stewart Milne Homes is one developer who has taken this on board, and created generously-proportioned properties which use space efficiently.

Kitchens are ergonomically laid out and well equipped with space-saving integrated appliances.

Lounges are well-proportioned and offer space to relax and entertain. Master bedrooms feature en-suites, and many bedrooms offer fitted wardrobes to maximise storage space.

If you’re considering your carbon footprint, remember that new build homes are a more eco-friendly option.

A well-insulated new home is six times more energy-efficient than an older home, and can generate as much as 60 per cent less CO2. Improved energy efficiency means that your wallet can benefit too – by up to £500 per year in energy savings.

As the UK government continues to push for more energy-efficient housing, a new-style, energy-efficient home could retain higher resale should you decide to move in the future.

A house isn’t truly a home until it reflects your own style – and that’s much easier when you don’t have to undo someone else’s decorating. New build homes are fresh, clean and provide an untouched canvas for you to stamp your style on. The best part about choosing a new build home is you can move in as soon as it’s complete – no need to wait for an existing homeowner to find a new home and manage another sale.

If you’re selling your property consider Stewart Milne Homes’ exclusive Sell Your Home in 5 Days plan – a great part exchange plan that can help you move in to a new home. For more information on the advantages of new build properties, and see some of the brand new homes available in your area visit stewartmilnehomes.com/st-marys gardens.aspx.