AS IT HAPPENED: Diane Brookhouse trial at Warrington Crown Court

1:51pm Wednesday 13th November 2013


Judge Woodward has called a halt to proceedings for today. Brookhouse will be back giving evidence again tomorrow.


Other debts included £2,067 owed to solicitors and £930 owed to Npower.


She got court summons over council tax, the court hears. 


Mr Christie is now reading evidence from utility companies threatening action over outstanding debts owed by Brookhouse. 



Richard said he was going to send some scousers round to the house, that he was going to get my hair shaved off and that he would get someone to kill me.

Diane Brookhouse on alleged threats made by Richard Brookhouse


The court is now hearing of an alleged incident between the husband and wife. A police report covers a meeting with Mrs Brookhouse after she claims she was threatened.


Brookhouse has been asked to look at doctors notes from her own appointments. 


The jury are about to come back in. Brookhouse will continue to give evidence.


To recap on what we've heard this afternoon. 

Diane Brookhouse has been answering allegations she played a role in a £12m cocaine ring ran by husband Richard Brookhouse, who has already pleaded guilty. 

She denies any involvement, claims their relationship had broken down and that she was in financial difficulty, reliant on benefits and help from family. 



Judge Nicholas Woodward has stopped proceedings for a short break. The jury will be back at 3.45pm.


When asked why there is no record of a payment to a holiday company, Brookhouse says she withdrew the money and paid in cash. 



She says a payment of £7,000 came from selling the caravan in Wales, with the cash used to take her children on holiday to Greece.


Brookhouse says that other transactions relate to a 'bump' she'd suffered when in the car. 

£1,600 was paid for damage to a bumper, £1,400 for a personal injury claim and £1,000 each for her two children.


She says a payment of £2,000 relates to the sale of a mountain bike her husband had 'acquired'. 

She claims a man came to pick the bike up and money was then paid into her account, and that she did not pay it in herself. 


Mr Christie is now asking Brookhouse about cash paid into her bank account.


When asked why she had the receipt for the bag, Brookhouse said 'the receipt helps when selling it, it shows it's real'.


She says a designer Chloe handbag worth £1,215 was a wedding anniversary present from Mr Brookhouse. She said 'he said that I deserved it for all the times I'd gone without Christmas and birthday presents'.


The court is now hearing of payments and purchases the prosecution say indicate she benefited from her husbands drug empire.


Brookhouse says her husband is a 'fitness freak' and when home from prison would try and get the family up at 6am to 'do some mad fitness routine'.


She says he was aggressive towards her and criticised her appearance. He was 'possessive'.


Mr Brookhouse started having day release from Kirkham Prison in 2012 and could spend seven days a month at home.

When asked why did the relationship continue, Brookhouse said 'so at least I could say to the kids I'd tried. I believe children should be with their dad'.


She would have the treatment 'three times a month', the court hears, for around two years.


Brookhouse has told the jury of the Botox treatment the prosecution say was a mark of her having plenty of money to spend from cocaine deals. 

She says she started having Botox as she is 'getting old' and that sometimes it was a 'gift' or other people would pay for it. 


Brookhouse has told the jury her relationship with her husband had broken down and she had started  seeing other people including a James Livett.


Clothes were sold on EBay and Brookhouse took part in carboot sales, she tells the court.


Brookhouse claims her parents had to help her with money, giving her 'thousands'. 

She also worked at UK Car Solutions.


Brookhouse says that she was left struggling for money when Mr Brookhouse was in prison where he is serving a 22 year sentence for a previous conspiracy. Mr Brookhouse is one of 16 members of the cocaine ring, uncovered in May last year, to have already pleaded guilty. 


Brookhouse says that despite the windfall, bills like £3,000 owed to Halifax were not paid. 


The prosecution say she lead a luxurious lifestyle with her husband's drug money, getting Botox and running a sports car.

Brookhouse says she was paid £43,000 back from her mortgage company after losing the house. 

£10,000 was spent on a caravan in Wales, £6,000 on dental treatment, she says because of 'gum problems'.


Brookhouse says she lost the house and was paid £43,000 back as a result, before moving to rented accommodation. 



Here is the background to the case, courtesy of our report on the opening of the trial in October.

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The mortgage problems were in 2010. Brookhouse then moved into a rented terrace property in Stockton Heath


She took out a £13,500 loan to help pay mortgage. Simon Christie, defending, asks her if there was any money left. She replies 'I bought things for the house, treats for the kids'.


Brookhouse, aged 42, denies knowing anything of the conspiracy and says that she was surviving on benefits. She tells the jury she was in receipt of child benefit, tax credits and housing benefit after falling behind on mortgage payments for the family home.


The mum-of-two has worked at shop All That Jazz in Stockton Heath, and at the Student Support Network in Stretton.


We're about to get started in the afternoon session . Diane Brookhouse is giving evidence. She is on trial accused of assisting husband Richard Brookhouse of running a multi-million pound cocaine ring. 

Mr Brookhouse is already in jail serving a sentence for conspiracy to supply cocaine. His wife is alleged to have helped him by going to meetings and transporting him to meet drug contacts when on day release. 


Welcome to our live coverage of the Diane Brookhouse trial at Warrington Crown Court.

The Grappenhall woman, aged 42, denies a role in a £12m cocaine ring and is standing trial along with three others.

The trial started at the beginning of October and is due to finish in December.

She will give evidence this afternoon and we will be providing live updates throughout the afternoon


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