THESE two twin brothers were double the trouble for one speed camera in the town after they were caught speeding within hours of each other.

Dave and Paul Dooley were hit with the same misfortune after they were both caught out by the same ‘sneaky’ speed camera on Winwick Road.

The two retired military driving instructors were both surprised to receive a letter on July 16 to inform the brothers that they had been caught speeding on the dual carriageway near to the town centre on July 1.

Dave, aged 58, from Howley, was caught on camera near to Tesco supermarket at 5.20am before Paul, aged 58, from Orford, was picked up by the same camera at 9.13am.

In 2013, this speed camera at the junction of Owen Street was activated most frequently, catching out 1,395 motorists out of 3,359 who were caught travelling over the speed limit in Warrington.

Paul, who has lived in Warrington for more than a year, said: “We were caught doing 35mph on an empty dual carriageway that we both thought was at least a 40mph limit.

“The very dodgy position and signage was confusing enough to catch out both of us out. The council needs to decide if this is a safety camera or a cash cow.

“It is definitely unnecessary to be fining people who are travelling at five miles over the speed limit at five in the morning.”

Dave, who has lived in Warrington for many years, was also unaware of the speed limit despite travelling along the road many times before.

Paul said: “We would both like to congratulate the Cheshire Constabulary for setting up such a sneaky and successful ambush. We only wish that this amount of planning and effort could be channelled into catching the rest of Warrington's criminal fraternity.”

Paul argues that clearer signs are needed near to the speed camera as the current signage is confusing to drivers.

He said: “There’s a tiny 30mph sign next to the wall on left side which you can only see when you approach the camera.

“But 200 yards after the camera, there are two normal large 40mph signs on both sides of carriageway.”

But a council spokesman has denied that the signs are not clearly visible to drivers.

“The signage related to the speed limit and speed enforcement camera on Winwick Road is correct and in a prominent location. The speed enforcement camera and associated road markings are also clearly visible.

“The camera is located on the northbound side of Winwick Road, coming out of the town centre but still in a built up area and signage clearly shows that the speed limit does not increase from 30mph to 40mph until after the junction with Kerfoot Street.”

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