THE illusive guerrilla artist has struck again with another fundraising cause.

The Warrington Urban Artist has been busy leaving art donations for charities and organisations across the town in the past month.

And the latest recipient is a Scop charity shop in the Cockhedge Centre.

The mysterious artist said: “Charities do contact me and ask if I would like to help and consider donating some art to help towards their cause, I do like to help sure, I mean if I can make a difference to help disabled children and various other cases then I think this is an honour to be asked.”

Now there are two canvas prints on display in the window which will be raffled off to help raise funds for the shop.

The two artworks on display feature the Urban Artist’s distinctive Banksy style prints reworked with their own unique twist.

So far Warrington Urban Artist has already worked with a variety of charities, just last week they contacted Clr Tony Higgins (LAB - Fairfield and Howley) and told him to go to Brickfield Park where he discovered a canvas which is now being auctioned off for the park.

“The scope charity, The Shannon Bradshaw Trust and Brickfield Park, these are just a few of the drops I’ve made,” they added. “I also leave art in various charity shops for lucky people to purchase. As they say every little helps.

“I suppose for me it’s about giving back - this to me is about the karma effect.”

And as the legend of the Urban Artist grows so too does the interest in their work which in turn is helping charities raise more funds thanks to the work.

“As for the response, wow, well it’s truly amazing, not just for me but the look on their faces as they know this is going to help them just that little bit more. I find myself wishing I could offer more to be honest but I also have to make a living somehow,” they said.

To see more examples of Warrington Urban Artist’s work and more about the charity work ongoing visit